ProEtnica-Sommerakademie 2022 sucht Teilnehmende!


Die ProEtnica-Sommerakademie, die jährlich im Zusammenhang mit dem ProEtnica-Festival der nationalen Minderheiten in Rumänien in Sighisoara/Segesvar/Schässburg stattfindet, ist in diesem Jahr in der letzten Augustwoche. Ziel der Akademie ist es, für Minderheitenthemen zu sensibilisieren und in Austausch zu verschiedenen Themen zu treten. In diesem Jahr liegt ein besonderer Aspekt auf Krisensituationen/kriegerischen Konflikten. Die Akademie richtet sich an Studierende, ist aber eher ein Forum des populärwissenschaftlichen Austausches. Daher gibt es auch keine spezielle fachwissenschaftliche Ausrichtung. In den vergangenen Jahren war es immer eine bunte Mischung Studierender, vorrangig aus Südosteuropa. Die Reisekosten sind durch Teilnehmende selbst zu tragen. Unterkunft und Verpflegung werden durch die Akademie übernommen. Unten beigefügt das offizielle Einladungsschreiben der ProEtnica-Sommerakademie:

Invitation to the ProEtnica Intercultural Academy”, 4th edition

Theme: "National minorities in crisis situations"
Period: August 22-29, 2022
Venue: Sighișoara, Mureș County, Romania
Organized by: Divers Association in partnership with the Interethnic Educational Center for Youth (ibz), benefiting from the financial support of the Mureș County Council

In the focus of minority rights is the promotion and protection of their identity. Promoting and protecting their identity prevents the forced assimilation and loss of cultures, religions and languages - the basis of the world's wealth and therefore part of its heritage.
Armed conflicts tend to exacerbate the pre-existing challenges facing minorities and contribute to deepening or instrumentalizing ethnic, linguistic and religious divisions. This, in turn, often leads to the securitization of minorities, in the sense that the parties to the conflict will try to co-opt them for their own purposes or see them as a threat. Of all the categories of human rights, the history of minority rights is most closely linked to violent conflicts.

The Intercultural Academy will provide information regarding how the rights of national minorities are respected in crisis situations caused by armed conflicts.

We will seek an answer to the question of whether peaceful coexistence between the majority and minorities, between minorities and within a minority during an armed conflict is possible.

The academy will provide young participants with a platform for discussion, exchange of experience and knowledge of the complexity of interethnic relations issues in multicultural communities in different European countries in the context of armed conflicts throughout history.

Through interactive workshops, the Intercultural Academy will not only provide participants with an understanding of the value of diversity and its benefits and challenges, but will encourage their civic involvement and interest in the protection of national minorities.

Scientific coordinators
- prof.univ.dr. Radu Carp - University of Bucharest, president of the Center of Excellence
for the Study of Cross-Border Minorities
- Meto Nowak, State Representative for Sorbs, Ministry of Science, Research
and Culture Potsdam, Germany

Planned activities
• Interactive workshops organized by moderators from the academic environment and related discussion sessions;
• Case studies and presentations of Academy participants;

Eligibility and application procedures
The maximum number of participants is 15 students, graduates and young people from Romania and European Union countries, aged between 19 and 35, interested in promoting interculturality in order to sustainably develop different multicultural communities and English language speakers.

Those interested in participating at the Intercultural Academy must send a letter of intent to office@divers.org.ro with the following information: name, e-mail address, telephone number, country, occupation, a short presentation , as well as the reason why he wants to participate in the event. The evaluation of the letters of intent and the registration of the participants is done continuously. Further information can be requested at 0265-311727.

• Participants will receive a detailed program and arrival instructions by August 12, 2022.

Participation is free, due to financial support from the Mureș County Council, respectively to the partnership with the Interethnic Educational Center for Youth Sighișoara and includes:
• Accommodation at a hostel in Sighișoara for 7 nights (August 22-29)
• Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the Academy
• Travel costs will not be reimbursed.
Working language will be English, but some content will be translated, if not understood by participants.

(Quelle: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, 20.07.2022, www.proetnica.ro)

(Quelle: www.proetnica.ro)
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