Minderheitensekretariat der vier autochthonen nationalen Minderheiten und Volksgruppen


Internship at the Minority Secretariat

The internship at the Minority Secretariat of the four autochthonous national minorities in Germany offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with the work done for the autochthonous minorities in the German capital of Berlin, to get a whiff of the day-to-day work and to gain your own experiences in working life.

We look forward to meet interns, who want to learn more about what we do and who will support and accompany us for some time. 

You can expect from us real work in a young, dynamic and open-minded team. If you belong to an autochthonous minority yourself, we will be all the more happy to have you. 

We offer an excited environment where we deal with interesting issues and events.

During your internship you will work at the Minority Secretariat at Bundesallee 216-218 in Berlin. Your daily work will consists of: 

  • Monitoring and following the parliamentary work in the Federal Republic of Germany, including in the parliamentary committees, in relation to policies and issues that affect the minorities
  • Preparation of content for different bodies: Minority Council, meetings with Members of the German Parliament, meetings of the parliament et cetera
  • Organising of and/or participating in events in Berlin
  • Communication with media and press about minority subjects
  • Undertaking research into the current situation of minorities, drafting reports
  • Project management: Assistance in projects and working on small projects of your own
  • Providing information about the national minorities and minority policy in Germany through presentations

The duration and form of your internship are flexible. It may be a school pupil internship, an internship during your studies or a work experience internship; the possibilities are diverse and we will make an individual agreement with you.

Please submit your application, with all the necessary documents to us at info(at)minderheitensekretariat.de

If you have further questions, please contact us!

We look forward to receive your application!

Herzlich willkommen! Moin! Wutrobnje witajće! Hjertlig velkommen! Latscho Diewes! Witajśo k nam! Hartlik wäljkiimen!


Wutrobnje witajće!

Hjertlig velkommen!

Latscho Diewes!

Hartlik wäljkiimen!

Witajśo k nam!

Herzlich Willkommen!