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The four autochthonous national minorities and the group of speakers of Low German

Linguistic and cultural diversity in Germany, the history and the role of the autochthonous national minorities and the group of Low German-speakers are only little known in Germany, maybe even a well-hidden secret. Every single national minority presents itself or its own particular activities in its own specific manner. Until now there has never been a joint exposition on the German federal level of the four national minorities and the group of speakers of Low German.

From 2019 onwards a multiannual joint project can now become reality: a joint travelling exhibition. This exhibition has the aim of presenting the Danes in South Schleswig, the Frisians, the Lusatian Sorbs and the German Sinti and Roma and their history, culture, identity and language, while including the representatives of the group of Low German speakers. The envisaged exhibition website will provide interesting information additional to what you can see while visiting the exhibition. The travelling exhibition will be opened in 2021 and will travel around all the 16 federal states of Germany.

The travelling exhibition will be developed with the Minority Secretariat led by Judit Šołćina/Scholze as the lead institution, in cooperation with the Minority Council and the Federal Council for Low German.

The elaboration of the joint interactive travelling exhibition is funded on the basis of a decision of the German Federal Parliament by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.




  • Karl-Peter-Schramm, Heinrich Siefer, Robert Lorenz, Johanna Panse, Dr Julia Schulte to Bühne, Johanna Evers at Museum Village Cloppenburg – Lower Saxony Open-Air Museum, photo: Minority Secretariat
  • Visit to the exhibition “The survivors are the exception” in the Frank-Loebscher-House in Landau, photo: Minority Secretariat
  • Bilingual supermarket “Edeka Bontjer” in Aurich, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Sater-Frisian Cultural Centre at the Cultural Railway Station Scharrel, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • East-Frisian tea ceremony at the Tea Museum in Norden, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Journey through North Friesland, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Idstedt-Lion (Idstedt-Löwe/Istedløven) in Flensburg, photo: Robert Lorenz


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