Minority Secretariat

Exhibition team

Dr Robert Lorenz is the exhibition curator responsible for the content and concept of the exhibition. Additional to his academic activities he has been working since 2012 as a self-employed European ethnologist exhibition curator and freelance author, specialised in Lusatian subjects and German-Sorbian cultural history. Lorenz undertook several ethnological field researches in Lusatia and beyond. Furthermore he was the curator of several exhibition projects in e.g. Berlin, Hoyerswerda, Halle/Saale and Görlitz, and he published numerous academic and journalistic publications on subjects of cultural history. He is being assisted by project manager Johanna Panse of the Minority Secretariat, who finalised her Master in Museum Management and Communication last year.

Together with the designers from buerojolas, a conceptual framework will be developed until the end of 2019. The exhibition designer Tim Jolas, communication designer Isabel Latza and museologist Ronny Licht are providing the exhibition team with creative implementation and design ideas.

Wanderausstellung Minderheiten Workshop

Second workshop meeting in June 2019 with the expert panel and the designers from buerojolas. On the photo: Tim Jolas, Robert Lorenz, Ronny Licht, Isabel Latza, Steffen Krestin, Martina Nowakojc/Noack, Christina Bogusz and Bernd Grünefeld (left to right), photo: Minority Secretariat


  • Karl-Peter-Schramm, Heinrich Siefer, Robert Lorenz, Johanna Panse, Dr Julia Schulte to Bühne, Johanna Evers at Museum Village Cloppenburg – Lower Saxony Open-Air Museum, photo: Minority Secretariat
  • Visit to the exhibition “The survivors are the exception” in the Frank-Loebscher-House in Landau, photo: Minority Secretariat
  • Bilingual supermarket “Edeka Bontjer” in Aurich, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Sater-Frisian Cultural Centre at the Cultural Railway Station Scharrel, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • East-Frisian tea ceremony at the Tea Museum in Norden, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Journey through North Friesland, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Idstedt-Lion (Idstedt-Löwe/Istedløven) in Flensburg, photo: Robert Lorenz


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