Minority Secretariat

The exhibition team is assisted by a panel of experts, consisting of representatives of the four autochthonous national minorities and the group of speakers of Low German. At regular workshop-meetings the current status of the project is presented and further steps are being presented and discussed.

The panel of experts consists of Karl-Peter Schramm of the Minority Council, Tine Andresen of the Sydslesvigsk Forening, Christina Bogusz of the Serbski muzej Budyšin – Sorbisches Museum, Steffen Krestin and Martina Nowakojc/Noack of the Serbski muzej/Wendisches Museum in Chóśebuz/Cottbus, Bernd Grünefeld of the Plattdüütskbüro/Ostfriesische Landschaft, Christoph Schmidt of the Nordfriisk Instituut, André Raatzsch of the Documentation- and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma, Christiane Ehlers of the Low German-Secretariat, as well as Johanna Evers of Seelter Bund.


Wanderausstellung Nationale Minderheiten Experten Museum
First workshop meeting of our experts in March 2019: Bernd Grünefeld, Karl-Peter-Schramm, André Raatzsch, Christoph Schmidt, Johanna Panse, Judit Šołćina/Scholze, Steffen Krestin, Tine Andresen, Christina Boguszowa/Bogusz, Christiane Ehlers and Robert Lorenz (left to right), photo: Minority Secretariat
Nationale Minderheiten Wanderausstellung Workshop
Second workshop meeting of our experts in June 2019: Martina Nowakojc/Noack, Heinrich Siefer, Johanna Evers, Tine Andresen, Steffen Krestin, Bernd Grünefeld, Christoph Schmidt, Madlena Kowarjec/Kowar, Judit Šołćina/Scholze (left to right), photo: Minority Secretariat
Minderheitensekretariat Wanderausstellung Experten
Third workshop of the experts in August 2019. On the photo: Tine Andresen, Judit Šołćina/Scholze, Christiane Ehlers, Christina Boguszowa/Bogusz, André Raatzsch, Karl-Peter Schramm and Johanna Evers (left to right), photo: Minority Secretariat


  • Karl-Peter-Schramm, Heinrich Siefer, Robert Lorenz, Johanna Panse, Dr Julia Schulte to Bühne, Johanna Evers at Museum Village Cloppenburg – Lower Saxony Open-Air Museum, photo: Minority Secretariat
  • Visit to the exhibition “The survivors are the exception” in the Frank-Loebscher-House in Landau, photo: Minority Secretariat
  • Bilingual supermarket “Edeka Bontjer” in Aurich, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Sater-Frisian Cultural Centre at the Cultural Railway Station Scharrel, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • East-Frisian tea ceremony at the Tea Museum in Norden, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Journey through North Friesland, photo: Robert Lorenz
  • Idstedt-Lion (Idstedt-Löwe/Istedløven) in Flensburg, photo: Robert Lorenz


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