There are a number of current priorities being addressed by the Minority Council and Minority Secretariat as part of their general remit to safeguard the interests of the four recognised minorities, secure continuous political representation and conduct information and publicity work. Ebenso soll eine aktive Informations- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit die Menschen für die Belange der Minderheiten sensibilisieren. Current priorities of minority work can be found here.


The general representation of the interests of the four recognised minorities, the continuous political representation, the information and public relations work include various current priorities that the Minorities Council and the Minorities Secretariat deal with.

These include:

  • the inclusion of minority protection in the German Federal Constitution, the Basic Law
  • the inclusion of teaching about the national minorities in curricula of schools of general education across the whole Federal Republic
  • the amendment of §184 of the the Courts Constitution Act (Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz, GVG) to include minority languages and the regional language Low German
  • the minority-compatible amendment of the naming laws
  • the introduction of a right of representative action for minority organisations
  • the creation of a nationwide Strategic Framework for combating antiziganism
  • the implementation of the Minority SafePack European Citizens’ Initiative
  • the presentation nationwide of the interactive touring exhibition “Was heißt hier Minderheit?”

Priorities in detail