The Frisians

The Frisians in Germany are living on the Schleswig-Holstein west coast and in the northwest of Lower Saxony and in the district of Cloppenburg. According to estimations, there are 60,000 persons who consider themselves as Frisians. 

According to where they live, they are called North-, East- or Sater-Frisians. The North-Frisians are at home in the aptly named district of Nordfriesland and on the island of Helgoland. The East-Frisians are living in the districts of Aurich, Leer, Friesland and Wittmund, in the city-districts of Emden and Wilhelmshaven and in parts of the districts of Cuxhaven and Wesermarsch. The Sater-Frisians are located in the northwest of the district of Cloppenburg and in the independent municipality of Saterland. The Frisians minority also includes the West-Frisians, who are recognised as a national minority in the Netherlands.

Their organisations are working for the preservation of their different language-varieties and the use of these languages in public and for teaching their culture in schools.

The Frasche Rädj (Frisian Council Section North) functions as an umbrella organisation representing the interests of the North-Frisians externally and in different political bodies. The Seelter Buund works for the preservation and promotion of the Sater-Frisian language and culture. East Frisian language and culture work is supported by the organisation Ostfriesische Landschaft (“East Frisian Territory”), with its headquarters at Aurich (Auerk).

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